Medicine for mature students

Applying to medical school for, medicine: a mature applicants story.

Applying to medical school for

Medicine for mature students

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Medical School for Mature Entry Medicine

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Mature students applying for medicine – The

Medical schools welcome applications from mature students, depending on your academic background, work experience and other relevant criteria, such as subjects and grades previously achieved. Many medical schools now accept results of access to medicine courses from mature students, providing a route to university for students who do not have qualifications.

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Medical School for Non-Traditional Applicants: Applying to medical schools as a mature student Get expert help on getting into medical school for older students. Learn about the best pre-medical courses for medical school, mature student medicine entry requirements and excelling as a mature age student pursuing medicine. Start your preparation right away, it is never […].

Not only do mature students bring a whole host of life experiences to medical school, along with plenty of life advice for their younger peers (I’ve received plenty myself!), they often develop a fierce work-rate due to the plethora of extra work they’ve had to put into the GAMSAT® Exam to get a good score and into the first part of medical school to catch up to.

The Medical School will consider applications from mature students for admission to the pre-clinical course. However, there is no separate application process for mature students, and you would be in direct competition with school-leavers. Competition, as you will imagine, is therefore intense, and only the most well qualified candidates would be.

There can be other stipulations, it’s important to remember that not all Medicine programmes access access courses, and some will only accept select courses. For mature applicants there may be other factors taken into account such as gap between education and the career progression you have had in your current job.

Medicine is a profession that rewards mature, thoughtful, and independent people. While it may be a longer, windier road, entering medicine from a non-science background or as a mature learner, or both, enriches the lives of the learner and those of the student body.

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