Jewish law on masturbation

Judaism and masturbation – wikipedia and is masturbation a sin according to jewish law.

Judaism and masturbation – Wikipedia

Jewish law on masturbation

Judaism and Sex: Questions and.

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Masturbation: A Touchy Subject –

Judaism, Masturbation and Me.

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The prohibition of masturbation for both men.

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Ask a Jew: Is masturbation allowed

While women clearly can and do masturbate, the topic of masturbation in Jewish law refers exclusively to males. Female masturbation normally does not involve emission of fluids, and since that is the focus of most of the discussion in historical texts about male masturbation, so much of what follows will not mention women. The Source of Strength.

At the same time, I want to note that the act of masturbation is not approved fully in Judaism; by definition it violates the prohibition on ‘spilling seed’ that exists.

However, as a general observation, it must be said that masturbation is also a Jewish law like any other Jewish law: while it must be observed, it is recognized that it was given to human beings who can fall prey to normal, human failings.

If you’re looking for proof of masturbation’s wrongness in the Torah itself, you’ll likely end up at Genesis 38:8-10, in which Onan spills his seed on the ground, displeasing God, who “slew him.” Onan wasn’t masturbating but practicing birth control via withdrawal, but the end result — the “wasting” of sperm — was the same.

Masturbation: Is It Kosher? – Beliefnet

What is the Jewish view on masturbation? Traditionally, masturbation is strictly prohibited for men. The source of this prohibition is sometimes attributed to the biblical figure Onan who, charged with propagating the family line by fathering children with his brother’s widow Tamar, instead withdrew from her and ejaculated on the ground — a crime for which God took his life.

Traditional Jewish law has many sources that consider masturbation by men a wrongful act, evidently because of a primitive knowledge of biology. They express a sense that there is a limited amount.

Guardyoureyes is a frum Jewish site for people struggling with masturbation and watching pornography. There are forums to discuss these issues with other struggling Jews. Many have overcome their struggle and share their ideas of how they accomplished that. Its good to let people know about this site. I believe that it is monitored to some.

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